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Send an email and we will be glad to visit, or you can visit our facilities to inform you about the details of our projects. If you want to make a donation, you can do it through the following accounts:

Account NC


Account: 50028218642

IBAN: 036320500282186420

Currency: Pesos

Account USD


Account: 50028224923

IBAN: 036320500282249231

Currency: Pesos

To receive off-shore deposits

Intermediary Bank: JPMorgan Chase Bank New York NY USA

Swift code: CHASUS33

ABA: 021 000 021

Beneficiary: Fundación con Causa Azul AC

Account of the Beneficiary: 036320500282249231

Beneficiary Bank: Banco Inbursa, S.A. México, D.F.

Swift Code: INBUMXMM

In addition, of being one of the most significant projects in the industry of tequila during the last 250 years, this is the cornerstone of our artisan philanthropic cause. All profits of this collection will be donated to Fundación con Causa Azul A.C.

About Us

Fundación con Causa Azul is a philanthropic project dedicated to reinforce artisanal activities, given the fact that the artisanal sector is one of the most vulnerable and unprotected in Mexico, but with an important productive and symbolic potential.


Join us as a volunteer and live the artisanal experience closely. Contact us and let’s talk, maybe there are more ways to collaborate with us than you think.