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Productores de Arte Popular Tlajomulco

Group of 11 artisans who were established in the Rivera of Cajititlán, in the towns of San Lucas and San Juan Evangelista, Cuexcomatitlán and Tlajomulco. The techniques they perform are lapidary with basalt stone, obsidian lapidary, woven with natural fibers, horsehair, crocheted fabric, burnished clay and wixárika art. Their talent has earned them multiple awards.


About Us

Fundación con Causa Azul is a philanthropic project dedicated to reinforce artisanal activities, given the fact that the artisanal sector is one of the most vulnerable and unprotected in Mexico, but with an important productive and symbolic potential.


Join us as a volunteer and live the artisanal experience closely. Contact us and let’s talk, maybe there are more ways to collaborate with us than you think.